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Disk & file utilities
DVD/CD Toys is a set of utilities to burn CD and DVD disks (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD). The utilities support creation and burning of ISO-images. All utilities are multi-language and easy to use.
JRescuer is a reliable tool to save data from JFS and NTFS volumes. Thanks to usage of unique methodics, your data is always in safety. JRescuer always knows how to unerase file or recover damaged disk.
Multimedia applications
T&V HappyPlayer is a compact application to watch TV on the monitor of your PC. The application uses minimal resources of computer.

CoolFM - full featured FM-tuner application. A must have utility for users working with PC during the whole day. Hear a new song every five minutes.

Desktop enchancers
NeoWPS - Extenders and applications integrated to the desktop. Improves usability of the WPS.

Network utilities
PMDownloader is a fast interactive network retriever. It is famous as flexible and configurable utility.

PMVNC is a port of standard VNC server. The application allows you control eComStation desktop remotely from any computer running VNC-client or Java-browser.

General network utilities is a all-purpose set of tools for troubleshooting network connections. It provides a wealth of information about how your computer connects to the outside world.
Operating systems
eComStation operating system (russian version) - We are maintaining russian version of the best operating system for PC. We are participating in creation of new components for the OS. Watch the life of the eComStation community -

NeoWPS расширение UI

* Sunny icons
* Piano Launchpad
* Imagination

Обслуживание операционной системы, ремонт

* JRescuer / JUne
* PCI Dock для просмотра конфигурации
* About eComStation

Безопасность, бэкап

* NCrypt plugin
* PM Backup Suite, 
* [MySafe widget]

Удаленное управление

* VNC ?? 


* T&V HappyPlayer
* CoolFM
* PM123

Другие программы и утилиты:

* PMDownloader
* DVD/CD Toys
* Maps/2

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